How To Download Torrent Files With IDM


How To Download Torrent Files With IDM Directly With Full High Speed and Resume Capability Without Restriction

Torrent to IDM – How can we Download torrent files with IDM ? there are many ways but you must reach to Main sources before.

Internet Download Manager is a great tool to download everything as it is super optimized to provide you the best downloading experience and a feature rich download manager. Now the question is can we use IDM to download torrent with superfast speed? Actually the answer is YES. But a torrent file with .torrent extension does not represent the whole file rather it is a small file with tracker information . We need to use online tools or websites to download torrent files. These online tools can grab all the pieces of the torrent and gather it into a single file and upload it on their server. Then they will provide you a direct download link. Like any other files, you can use IDM to directly download these files. you won’t download torrent file without these sites help.

With Bitport & ZBIGZ.
– Download the .torrent file of torrent that you supposed to download with IDM.
– After downloading .torrent file, follow these steps.

How To Download Torrent Files With IDM


1. Zbigz – Torrent to IDM downloader
step 1. First go to &

step 2. Sign up for free account and verify your account

step 3. You will see homepage

step 4. After clicking on go button you will see following popup windows

step 5. Click on free button you will be redirected to following screen and click on zip file

step 6. Now here click on start download button and your download will start with full speed.


2. – Safe Online Storage
step 1. Sign up for filestream by clicking here [ CLICK HERE ].

step 2. Click on download torrent.

step 3. Paste your link or browse torrent from computer.

step 4. After that click on download icon. Copy the link to the clipboard paste it into IDM. Your torrent will start downloading with IDM.

3. – Your Files Everywhere
step 1. To sign up [ click here ] and get your cloud ready.

step 2. You can collect your file online.

step 3. It allow upto 10 GB storage for free. If you want more facilities you can switch to premium plan.

4.– Download Torrents directly to your Dropbox
step 1. You can sign up through any social network and can start downloads with IDM.

step 2. Follow the image to download the torrent directly to your dropbox.

step 3. Now from dropbox you can download torrents with IDM.

5. – Faster Way To Share Your Files
step 1. You can sign up with any social network. It comes with many alternatives.

step 2. After sign up you will see these screens

step 3. Wait till it fetch after completing fetching process start to download torrent with IDM.

6. – Online storage for your backup
step 1. [CLICK HERE] Sign Up for bytebx. After successful sign you will see this screen.

step 2. Just click on upload torrent and browse your .torrent file.

step 3. After that you will see next popup just click on download button. Click on the blue square box button and get your file downloaded.

7. – The world’s 1st Online Cloud Downloader
step 1. [ CLICK HERE ] You can sign up using your facebook account. After succesful account creation this screen.

step 2. Just click on next and get your file ready.

8. – My Files
step 1. You will need google translator plugin here and VPN sometimes.

step2. [ CLICK HERE ] if you got error as shown in the image then use vpn.

step3. Change the country in VPN and register account. Its interface is same as which is I explained earlier. So you can follow that tutorial and download torrents with IDM.

9. – Cloud Is Here
step1. You can sign up with 3 social network here as shown in the image

step2. It only allows to upload remote URL of torrent for free user. So paste the link in the window shown in image.

step3. Click on go and follow the instruction.

step1. NO need to Sign up. Just paste your torrent links on upload from computer

step2. Just Follow the image and download torrents.

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